About Most Entertaining

About Most Entertaining

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Most Entertaining is about music students of any age or level or style, making the connection with the perfect teacher for them. Piano lessons is our biggest commitment, but we also provide tuition on violin, guitar, woodwind and drums.

This student-teacher match is as important to a five-year old beginner looking for middle C as it is to a seasoned jazz musician looking for the sixth cadence second inversion, in the lydian scale of C.  Both need an inspiring teacher.  Just probably not the same teacher. 

We make it easy for students to make contact with the right teacher first time, with the added guarantee of professional and reliable service.

Most Entertaining is also about the continuity of providing the right teacher at the right time.  Beginner students become advanced students, and interests develop in other instruments and styles.  One teacher cannot be expected to cater for the all the needs of the evolving musician.  Most Entertaining is setup so it can.

Nobody likes admin, least of all musicians, so we thought making it as easy as possible for students and teachers to organise lesson scheduling and payment online would be helpful, so we make this an important part of our service.  


Let us find the right tutor for you to learn at your pace:

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