Practicing music in a group accelerates learning and helps build confidence. It's also great fun!

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Playing with other guitarists - and singers - has given my playing a new lease of life. A few simple pointers from the instructors has really improved my understanding of chord structures and improvised soloing. Wish I'd done it 30 years ago!

Stewart Williams

Vocal Workshops


Over the last few years Most Entertaining have hosted many singing workshops in central Edinburgh, led by well established and experienced singers and workshop leaders.  

Our vocal workshops our completely inclusive, designed for both men and women to take part in singing in a group, without necessarily having any previous singing or choir experience.  The main goal for our attendees is to develop their singing technique through various vocal warm ups, breathing and pitch exercises, building their confidence, whilst singing a wide range of musical styles as part of a vocal group.  

Over the course of a term the group learns to sing as a choir, under the name, Edinburgh Voices and works towards a public performance.  These performances are designed to be informal and we encourage our singers to invite their friends and family along to watch, listen and generally be supportive.  We have even had members graduate to form their own little ensembles over time and invite them to perform at local fetes, open mic nights, charity events and our end of term concerts. 

Most Entertaining can design a vocal workshop to suit your group of friends and colleagues for example as part of a team building exercise over the course of a morning or afternoon, or our tutors can plan a structured vocal course over 6-10 weeks.  


Vocal Workshops

The Edinburgh Sound Collective


The Edinburgh Sound Collective is a new inclusive music group for those looking to play in a band/ensemble, improve their playing, learn more about musicianship/arranging/composition and how to perform. 

The weekly classes are open to ALL adults, who sing or play ANY instrument and are of around grade 2 + or the equivalent standard. (No audition or reading music not essential).  Instruments can include: guitar, bass, violin, cello, keyboard, saxophone, percussion and singers! 

What's involved:
The group will be directed by local professional musician and Most Entertaining tutor, David Townhill, who will provide a practical insight into arranging, composition, ensemble playing and rehearse a wide range of music from film, pop ballads, rock anthems to new music to be written by the group. 

The Collective will perform a short informal public gig in a local venue at the end June to showcase what has been learnt over 10 weeks.

Booking A Place:
To join the collective it will be £100 per 10 week course. Participants can book their place by emailing their details to [email protected] or calling 0131 477 7821.

The Sound Collective

Guitar Workshops


Most Entertaining's guitar workshops over the years have been held weekly in central Edinburgh at a local high school.  The classes have been delivered by a number of well-known established  musicians and workshop leaders in Scotland and from Europe.  Each class is designed to suit all levels of ability and got many a guitar player out of the bedroom environment and playing as an ensemble in regular gigs, including performances at Henderson's restaurant in Edinburgh.  

A number of our former guitar workshop attendees have gone on to perform in their own duos and bands on the open mic circuit.  Most notably our workshops were attended by the pop singer songwriter, Nina Nesbitt.

Like Most Entertaining's other regular classes, the guitar workshops are a good platform for all walks of life to build their confidence in their playing and develop a good repertore of chords, technique and of course, songs.  


Guitar Workshops

  • No Auditions
  • Play with like-minded individuals
  • Learn fun, up beat and varied music
  • Improve technique
  • Develop confidence
  • Perform in regular gigs
  • Perform on local radio
  • Make an album
  • 10 week terms

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