How our site is geared up for Accessibility

Accessibility Policy

In creating this website we have committed to follow and exceed the best practice guidelines that have been compiled, recognised and recommended jointly by governments, disability organisations and computer specialists.

We are actively working to increase and improve the usability and accessibility of our web presence and in doing so aim to meet our legal and moral obligations to users with disabilities and to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). We appreciate that every user is different and there may still be accessibility issues remaining. If you find any issues then please e-mail: [email protected]. We will then assess what can be done to rectify this problem. Detailed below is some information pertaining to accessibility organisations, standards and features of this website.

W3C Standards

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has set standards for the robustness, quality and conformity of the back end code that has been used to build this website. The XHTML code has met XHTML Strict doctype and the CSS has also been validated. These validations are represented by the images below.

WAI Standards

By utilising Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines this website has attained AA level conformance with their guidelines. These guidelines help break down the barriers of accessibility for users with disabilities to access web content. This validation is represented by the image below.

Additional Equipment

If you are having problems accessing this website there is additional equipment available to you to ease your experience on the internet. This ranges from specifically designed mice to software that can be used to read the content of websites out to you through your computers speakers. We recommend you contact your local support office or view the links below to find out more information on equipment that would help you specifically.

Print style information

A special style sheet has been devised to make this page more acceptable for printers to print out. To achieve this we have removed all graphical and navigation elements to reduce ink wastage and to give you just the information that you want to print out.

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