What we do for you

We build your profile

We want you to stand out for your specific music skills, style and teaching method. 

What got you into music?  Who are you music heroes?  How did you develop to become the musician you are today?  Where can we see you play?

Do you take on beginners or only work with experienced players?  Are you interested in teaching children, adults or both?  Do you use sheet music or do you prefer to teach by ear?  Are you a serious-minded teacher or a laid-back teacher? 

We find students suited to you

We put you in touch with the type of students who will get the most from your skill, knowledge and style of teaching.

Knowing the sort of students you enjoy working with, and knowing what our students' music aspirations are, means we can quickly connect you with the right people.  We don't usually make bad connections, but if we do get a match wrong, we can easily pass a student to another tutor.

You can take on as many or as few students as you like.

We find a time that suits

You tell us when you are free to teach and we will arrange lessons to fit in.

We liaise with students on your behalf to find a time that suits you both.  Whether you have a regular time in your diary set aside for teaching or you have an ever-changing schedule to fit lessons around, we help to make scheduling your tuition easy with a flexible timetable that can be viewed and updated at any time online. 

We pay you monthly

We invoice your students for you and make sure you get paid for all the lessons you have given at the end of each month.

This is done by bank transfer and you can view your lesson account at anytime online.

Let us find the right tutor for you to learn at your pace:

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