The advantages of booking lessons
with Most Entertaining

Learn With Professional Music Teachers

All of our tutors are professional musicians, working as performers, recording artists and teachers.

We carefully select our tutors to ensure they are dedicated, knowledgable and inspiring in their respective fields. 

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Learn Your Way

Our diverse portfolio of musicians means you can get lessons from the right tutor at the right time.

As well as providing lessons from teachers on a wide range of instruments, we offer you the opportunity to develop a more comprehensive range of musical skills, whilst nurturing your ability in areas of specific interest. 

You can take lessons to develop technique, improvisation skills, harmonic understanding, or performance craft.  You can try out a different instrument, a new style or an alternative approach to learning at any point.

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Online scheduling and payment

You can take lessons wherever and whenever it fits in with you.

We can arrange for teachers to come to your home for lessons.  Alternatively, we can find a teacher close to where you are based so you can easily go to them. 

Regular weekly lessons are the most common, but you can take lessons as frequently or as infrequently as you like.  If your schedule is difficult to predict, it's no problem.  We can arrange lesson times around your timetable and at short notice.

Payment is made simple and secure via our online billing.

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We offer you lots of ways to get involved in music and music-making beyond lessons and workshops themselves.

Public performance is not for everyone, but if you enjoy playing in front of an audience or fancy the challenge, we offer lots of opportunity throughout the year to take to the stage, from informal jam sessions to seasonal concerts.

You can meet like-minded musicians via our Facebook and Twitter pages, at our workshops, and at events we host throughout the year.  

We welcome you to contact our office anytime by phone, email or our home page chat facility, for free, friendly assistance with any queries or concerns you might have.

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Let us find the right tutor for you to learn at your pace:

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