Above all, music lessons should be enjoyable

Any Instrument, Any Style, Any Level

Your music goals are unique to you.

The musical instrument you take lessons on is just the starting point.  What styles are you interested in playing?  Are you a complete beginner, or are you looking to have refresher lessons after a few years off?   Are you already an accomplished player looking to develop specific skills?  Do you fancy taking a music exam?  Would you run a mile at the thought of taking a music exam?

Talk to us, by phone or email, so we can get a picture of what exactly you are looking for and what you would like to achieve with your music.

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Your Perfect Teacher

It is our job to make sure you take music lessons from a teacher that suits you and your aspirations best.

We have teachers to get people playing their first notes on an instrument and teachers that nurture skills at a more advanced level.   Some of our tutors have a classical approach, others are jazz, rock or folk-based.  We have tutors that give lessons in more specialised fields such as improvisation, composition and theory.  Some of our tutors specialise in teaching children, others prefer working with adults.

We don't usually get it wrong, but if you don't feel we've found you the right teacher first time, we will suggest someone else.

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Develop Musicianship

We want lessons to fit into your diary, not make your life logistically more complicated.  Tell us when's good for you and we will liaise with our tutors to organise it.

Many students enjoy a regular fixed time slot for lessons, but for others this is more difficult.  We offer flexibilty in lesson times and frequency. 

Rescheduling a lesson is also straight forward.  If you are unable to make a lesson and wish to reschedule or cancel, this can be arranged by contacting our office by phone or email.  We are introducing new ways to make scheduling even easier still.

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Party Piece or Grade 5?

We offer flexible payment plans for lessons and billing is done directly and securely online.  Book a minimum of e.g 2 piano lessons at a time or pay for a larger block of lessons up front.  Most Entertaining recommends that you have a minimum of  4 e.g piano lessons as a trial block , before committing to further lessons. You can view at your account online at anytime and notifications of bills are sent out via email.

Any recheduled or cancelled lessons are accounted for to ensure you do not ever pay for lessons you will not receive.

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Let us find the right tutor for you to learn at your pace:

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