Pass Grade 5 Theory or your money back

Theory exam technique is half the battle

The ABRSM's (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) theory exam follows the same formula year in, year out. Being prepared for the exam structure and style of question is half the battle in passing.

Our music theory classes are developed with the exam layout in mind and cover the syllabus comprehensively so you don't get thrown by the unfamiliar on the day.

There will be plenty of opportunities to go through past papers with a dedicated music theory teacher so when you get to the exam, you will go in feeling totally prepared.

The next Grade 5 Theory course will begin in August 2014 at Summerhall, The Meadows, Edinburgh.

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Theory In Practice

Theory can be a frustrating hurdle in the midst of a happy music learning process.

In actual fact, gaining a better understanding of theory greatly enriches both making and listening to music.  The make-up of melody, harmony and rhythm, together with knowledge of historical context, all inform interpretation, phrasing, sight-reading, improvising and much more.

Whether you are preparing for an exam, or would just like to develop this side of your music, our music theory classes are run alongside the enjoyment of music-making and listening, so it makes sense and has a real purpose.  

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Online Resources

In 2014, Most Entertaining provided online resources of music and learning material, from sight-reading apps, to aural test practice links.  These links/apps are invaluable for our teachers in lessons, but also enhance student's practice and can make it both fun and rewarding.

Please check regularly for new online resource links provided here.  


Guaranteed pass or your money back

We believe that if you are taught well, passing Grade 5 Theory is guaranteed.

In fact we are so confident we will give you your money back if you dont pass your exam first time.

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